Water Saving Is Smart

Start learning how to save water, you’ll be buggered if it’s gone.

beltrami_water_savingWater saving habits are not that difficult to learn. Learning and then actually implementing a new set of daily behaviors that can save us tens or even hundreds of thousands of liters (and dollars) during the course of our lives is something you can start doing today, and you bloody well better, one day you’ll turn that tap on and nothing will come out.

Uncounted quantities of potable (clean) fresh water are lost straight down the drain every day by people with bad habits. We all developed these wasteful behaviors because we were not taught that water is important, limited, and expensive. We all wander around ignorantly, simply taking clean water completely for granted. Like a bunch of lemmings. WAKE UP!

While the water we use at home may seem trivial, and you are cranky with me now and looking for an argument, I’ll fess up: Only 7 per cent of all water used in Australia is domestic consumption. Here’s the thing, how can we expect industry and businesses to take water conservation seriously If we don’t learn new behaviors?

Water is bloody limited, learning to respect that fact and doing something towards its conservation is a step toward securing our future supplies of this life giving resource. Clean fresh water is worth looking after.

What can you do NOW to save water?

177Brushing your teeth: Use a glass of water instead of a running tap for wetting the brush and rinsing. A running tap can waste about 16 liters of water per minute, seriously.

Washing yourself: Take a shower instead of a bath. Try really hard to limit your showers to around four minutes. Install a water saving shower head. A decent one, not some Bunnings Saturday special from the bargain bin.

Shaving: Use a cup, sink or container of warm water to clean the shaver in rather than a warm running tap. Never shave in the shower dopey.

Clearing dishes after meals: Scrape and compost your food waste instead of rinsing it off plates and dishes under running water. Rinse dishes in a large bucket and use the water on the garden afterwards. Your plants will appreciate the drink. If you’re my neighbor and I notice you doing it, I will also probably start doing it, because I’m buggered if you’ll out do me ya bugger…

The dishwasher: Don’t rinse dishes before stuffing them in the dishwasher (that’s what the machine is for). Better still don’t use a dishwasher at all, Dishwashers use way more water than sink washing your dishes. Kids are really energy efficient dishwashers.

Washing clothes: Only do full loads of washing, If you’re still washing in hot water your a greedy wasteful bugger, quit it. Use cold water and adjust the water levels to suit the size of loads. That means set the knob to full and smack it off with a hammer, always do full loads.

Showering wisely: Put a couple of buckets in the shower, tip the collected water onto the garden after you finish. You just got one up on your dopey neighbor, make sure you smile and wave to him while you water the pumpkin patch. Offer him some nice fresh pumpkin, see him getting all eco wise now?

Fix dripping taps and toilets quickly. They can waste up to 50 litres of water a day. A dripping bath tap can fill a bath in under three days, that”s a hell of a lot of water.

Watering the garden. Use buckets. Standing around with a hose watering your lawn is horribly wasteful. If your neighbor spots you doing it he’ll dob you into the water police for sure. Running sprinklers to spray water all over the place is even worse. Put the water at the root zone of your plants manually. Consider recycling your greywater for the garden. Now bloody do it, enough considering time…

How to learn new habits:

Follow these simple steps.

Decide as a household the habits you’re going to establish and ensure everyone is on board, hit them a bit if it helps.

Set up reminders: Try notes on the fridge and on the taps, the dishwasher, the garden hose. Empower the kids to dob you in (they’ll love it, little buggers, make em do the dishes to get even hehe.)

Do the habit consciously for a week, then two, make sure you suck your neighbor right into the game, that’s important. Then one day you’ll wake up and the habit will be established and your unconscious will keep it going. That and beating that bloody neighbor.

At the end of each water billing period note the savings and reward yourselves. Invite the neighbor over for a Barby. Good on ya mate 😉